Thursday, April 21, 2011

9: What has MBA taught me????

9 more days to go

Now here we are talking about value addition. What has MBA taught me????
and most of all........What really have I learnt in the past 2 years????? 
But hey!!!!  the learnings can be good or bad, serious or funny, a major revelation or simply common sense :)
Well in interviews we ( yes "we" because all MBAs give certain typical answers ;)) answer this question by saying that MBA has helped us to formulate a holistic view of the business, to think from a business perspective, resource management etc etc etc...
Some also say ( not in interviews, of-course :)) that MBA is all about GAS :). Its all common sense which is presented in a glorified way by some amazing use of a language called English :)
Well as far as i am concerned, i think MBA has actually broaden my horizons. I was an entrepreneur before pursuing MBA so I had already learnt many business concepts before commencing the course but MBA helped me to appreciate what I already knew.
By the way, there is lot of acads involved in MBA & its not just about business suits & fancy presentations :) :)
Following is what I learnt from my MBA:
  1. Negotiation & Marketing are the key to MAKE or BREAK…All the fancy looking numbers on excel sheets are not enough but interpreting them convincingly is of utmost importance. You don't get deals by numbers because everybody has the same numbers. What work in your favor are your communication skills. Even if you have no substance on paper, you can still shine with some good marketing.
  2. To make your work sound very important, effective & complicated. use words like “analyse”, ” strategy”, ” value enhancement”, etc generously. 
  3. A true MBA never ever gives straight jacket answers like YES, NO or I DON'T KNOW. All that you say is... "we'll have to look into it" or "it depends" etc etc. Even the non MBA successful businessmen that we see all around us also use such lingo :)
  4. Always consider OPPORTUNITY COST..... The principle of opportunity cost applies to everything: every choice has hidden costs (i.e if you do one thing you forego doing various other things that you could have done in the same time or money or both) whether you’re buying groceries, buying clothes ( the dilemma of buying a skirt or those amazing shoes within your limited budget ;)) , or taking on a new project.
  5. If you cannot convince a person, confuse him.
  6. Its best to be  “Jack of all trades, master of none”
  7. MBA concepts are not just "gyaan", they are actually applicable to real time situations.
  8. Good academics + Great Communication Skills + Loads of Self Confidence+ Little bit of Luck = A Successful MBA Story
  9. Lastly, I learnt to make some real good Power Point Presentations and I really am good at it, in fact I would say I am superb at making and delivering PPTs :) :) :)


  1. You just penned a dummy's guide to mba ;)
    I'll remember the points..might help me sometime :P

  2. @Namrata: I will be glad if it will be of help to you :)