Monday, April 25, 2011

5:Interesting Realizations

5 days to go

Ok so today we are half way through the countdown and after so much writing and pondering I have made the following realizations :::::::::
  1. Most of All  the grind is about placements.  Also the toppers all year round can bask in the false glory but the ones with the best job offers have the last laugh :D
  2. It is possible to watch 3 movies in a night and 4 seasons of a TV series in a week (and this fever spreads like forest fire :) :))
  3. Eventually everyone passes all the exams in MBA (if you don't then pay 250 bucks, give            re-exam(s) and you are for sure PASS)          
  4. MBA students will die without a LAPTOP   
  5. There are 2 basic necessities of an MBA life:  INTERNET & MICROSOFT OFFICE  

I am so very happy for 2 really well spent years :) :)        


    1. So those are the answers to how a mba student survives..nice :D ;)

    2. @ Namrata: Yup :) :) and if you are a couch potato then you will learn to live without TV but you wont survive without the 12" box called LAPTOP :)

    3. I can SO perfectly relate to this purvi. In fact, all your MBA related posts.

    4. @ Jyotsna: No matter where you do your MBA from, the basic stories, principles, rules, events etc etc etc remain the same :)