Monday, April 30, 2012

Beaches or Hills

Well I think I love to travel and see new places, but I guess I tend to incline towards beaches a tad bit more. And the best part is that I live in a place which has such beautiful beaches. I can actually walk down to a beach near my house and gaze at the sea, the sun, soak my feet in the clear water and DREAM :) :)

Now the Outfit Story:

Last time I had worn this outfit here. Incidentally, I had gone to a beach that day as well. 
And you will not have to notice closely to figure out that bit the times my outfit and the background were completely matching. Now instead of matching the accessories with my outfit, I end up matching the background :) :) 


I love these GIFS :) :) See previous ones, here and here

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Kaftan Dress

Sometimes you have a design in mind and then you source the fabric, embellishments etc. to make that garment. But sometimes a particular fabric, its color, its texture, its design speak to you and tells you how to transform it. Well the following dress is the result of one such telling :)

The Design Story
I loved the borders on this fabric and I wanted to keep them as it is hence i decided to make a Kaftan dress out of this fabric. I added the belt to give definition to otherwise a straight silhouette. This belt actually goes from front to back giving the illusion of separate sleeves on the dress.
The Fabric: Printed Crepe from a local fabric shop in Ludhiana. This fabric has border on both its sides.
The Silhouette: A knee length Kaftan dress
The Design Elements: Floral Embroidery with gold accents at the waist and belt at the back.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

A Beautiful Life

Yup, I am back. It has been 2 weeks already since I have come back from India and I am pretty much settled here again :)

Also, as you all see, I have given the blog a little makeover. Actually I have split this single blog into two blogs.
Earlier what was titled "Purvi's Creative Hub", now has become "A Beautiful Life", which you are reading right now.
I have created another blog which is now titled "Purvi's Creative Hub". You can check it out here.

"A Beautiful Life" from now on will be all about fashion, food, my thoughts and my life in general ( i.e whatever I feel like sharing :) :))
and, "Purvi's Creative Hub" will be about my Art and Craft Projects.

Now the question is, why have I done so???? ...... Simply to make my writing and content more structured.
Remember me asking you guys here, whether I should have different blogs for my different interests or a single blog filled with all that I like.

Well!!! after following a number of other blogs, I have realized that people have varied tastes and a blog necessarily should be focused on one or two subjects. Other things in minor dozes is ok. But in my case, I think I pursue all my interests on a major scale and hence I feel the need to write about all of them. This was taking away the focus of my blog. Hence I decided to have 2 different blogs for 2 different types of content and audience. Simple logic, Right??????

Ok now lets get to the outfit.
I have previously mentioned here and here that I have my own boutique in Ludhiana, India. A lot of my clothes are designed in-house by me, my mother and my sister.

So I have decided that from now on, whenever I will post any outfit, designed at my boutique, I will also write about the story or process behind that outfit.

What say???? Does it sound interesting??????
Anyways lets see the story behind this outfit.

The Design Story
The Fabric: Printed Crepe from a local fabric shop in Ludhiana. It has the same print on the front and the back
The Silhouette: Sleeveless with A-line Hem to keep the focus entirely on the print and the design.
The Design Elements: Now the color black and the print on it are very strong, so I had to think of a design that would not overpower it but at the same time will stand out. Hence came in the Orange Peter Pan Collar in the front and the bold golden zip on the back

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