Sunday, March 25, 2012

Not Yet Back

Hello Everybody!!!! Long time no see, right????

Well I am still in India and so far it has been a great trip. From Sharjah to Bangalore to Delhi to Jaipur and finally to Ludhiana, I have enjoyed every part of this trip. Of Course there have been the Oh so familiar bickering with/of the relatives and the likes but then these little glitches are too small when compared with meeting  friends after a very long time and then meeting family and being with them is a different ballgame altogether.... right?????

Anyways, I have been painting, designing my clothes, working on a couple of more projects (details in the future posts). I have so many plans and projects lined up, its all very exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. Will share things with you all when I am a little more sure of them. For the time being I will give you 3 basic hints regarding my 3  projects: CLOTHES, PEN, PAPER..... have I revealed too much??????

By the way following is the last outfit I shot before leaving for India.....
Maxis in my opinion will continue to be the "in" thing in upcoming seasons as well and even if they are not, I will still wear them simply because in all this is a dress form which gives one so many reason to wear namely: comfortable. breathable, easy, elegant and regal.

Also these are my husband's favorite and he generally goes click crazy when I wear these beauties ( I have 4 so far :) :) and plan to get a couple more on my way back from India :) :)

You can see the one of the other maxis I have worn, here.

Let me know, what you think.