Friday, June 22, 2012

Vacation Time

Currently its way too hot here in UAE and the one thing that comes to mind after bearing such scorching heat is to run off to a cooler place ( obvious, right????) .
Anyways the point is that we are going for a vacation, away from this heat and away from working and being busy. I like being busy and love what I do but then I loooovveeee traveling and seeing new places. We have been wanting to see this place for past 5 years now and finally the dream/wish will turn to reality. Will let you know about this place when I come back :) :)

See ya :) :)

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Monday, June 4, 2012

The 5 Year Happiness

The past 45 days was a very happy and exciting for both me and my husband. We celebrated my husband's birthday, my birthday and our marriage anniversary. We celebrated 5 years of togetherness this year. Sometimes it feels that the time is standstill and 5 years seems like nothing and yet at other times it feels to be flying away. But what we know is that we are happy and are enjoying being together.

Now lets get down to the outfit :)

The Design Story
This particular fabric is available in blocks, i.e same rectangular or square print on front and back , just like a scarf. I wanted this black and white print to have loads of color hence the floral embroidery. The embroidery is simply a collection of many kinds of floral shapes and leaves put together in a non symmetrical way.
The Fabric: Printed Georgette
The Silhouette: Kaftan Top
The Design Elements: Abstract Floral Embroidery
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