Sunday, October 23, 2011

Beautiful Weather

Finally the weather in Dubai is nice and breezy (windy actually) but I liked it immensely especially after the long, scorching summer.
So me and husband went down to the corniche to enjoy it and boy I so wanted to be blown away. Had some real fun clicking pictures. Just note the way my hair and dress are flowing.. proof of the windy air :)

how do you make gifs


  1. Beautiful Dress!
    Just came cross ur blog! like it


  2. That's a lovely dress.

    And I was taking shots and videos of my little daughter's dress blowing in the wind last evening!

  3. @ Nora : thanks :)
    @ Shalini: Thanks , and I bet you are having a lot of fun in the lovely weather we are getting to see now :)
    Do post your daughter's flowy dress pics on to your blog :)

  4. @ Tanvi: now a days its raining here so the weather is awesome :)