Friday, April 22, 2011

8: Jargonized....

8 days to go

While doing an MBA, out of all the things what everybody inevitably learns are the typical MBA Jargons.

Basically what I am trying got say is that If and only If I want, I can make crazy complex situations out of simple things using some of the phrases that I have come across  :)

And believe me earlier whenever I used to hear the big shot corporates and journalists use such terms and phrases on Television or interviews, I used to be really fascinated but now after the MBA I just can not keep my eyes from rolling (the wicked, sarcastic kind of roll :)), and I just can not keep myself from going mad with laughter because now I know what they mean and now they no more sound amazing to me :)

So here I am presenting some of the Business Buzzwords/ MBA jargons I have learnt in the past 2 years :

  1. Mission, Vision and Values : I am still not sure about the difference, they sound the same to me
  2. Core Competencies: Whatever is it that you are best at. An MBA's core competency  would be simply complexing the things :P
  3. Breakthrough Thinking/ Innovation: World would have been a completely different place if everybody could do this :) :)
  4. Paradigm Shift : Means you were doing one thing and now you have shifted to something completely different which has costed you a bomb and there is a complete chance that you will make a fool out of yourself ;)
  5. Your Value Addition: Something for which everybody gets paid for ( basically it means whether or not you have slogged to death or not)
  6. Scope Creep: You were supposed to give 10 but now you have given 3 extras so you suffer for the mistake made
  7. "Let's discuss this offline": Means i do not know the answer so stop bugging me. Or it could mean, "Meet me outside and then I will show you". :) :) 
  8. SWOT Analysis ( Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat Analysis): If you know nothing better to do then DO THIS and you can put anybody to sleep :) :)

Jokes apart, I really think that Business Graduates do a great job because of their holistic knowledge of the business as, after all we are taught about all the four pillars of a business - Finance, Marketing, HR and operations. We might not be business domain specialists or experts of a particular field but with our soft skills and effective communication, we can definitely bridge the gap ( spoken like a true MBA... I have learnt really well ;) ;)....what say??????????)


  1. haha..thanks for enlightening us about those big words :D

  2. @ Namrata :)... I am so mean making fun of such wonderful term ;)