Sunday, April 24, 2011

6: The MBA Routine

6 days to go

The daily MBA life is pretty routine:
  1. Try very hard to get up in the morning and then finally get up and say," Why do i have to go"?
  2. Run as fast as possible to catch the college bus
  3. Attend 2 lectures of 3 hours each
  4. Come back and sleep
  5. Get up, eat and work on the assignments, presentations till late in the night or when there are no assignments watch movies on the laptop :) :)
  6. Sleep and get up again
but the interesting part is that we have loads and loads and LOADS of fun in this very routine :)
And yes, SATURDAY NIGHTS come every week which means get out of the hostel and party :) :)
OKAY we are not that disciplined, we get out of our hostels many times a week for shopping, dinners etc :)

Though parties after those tiring gruesome 2 weeks of exams are even more fun coz people are so happy that exams are over (obviously ;)) and also because we get to go back home for a weeks time which is such a refreshing break.

Its amazing that now we will miss this daily grind so so much, although now a completely different slogging will start ;).

Its the last 6 days left now and the parties have begun and will continue endlessly ....

So from now Every night is going to be a GOOD NIGHT :) :)


  1. Haha welcome to grad life! ;)

  2. Thank you so much for your comment!
    And as a student I'm much TOO familiar with this routine, lol ;)

  3. hehe you make it sound like 'only fun' :P minus all the grinding :D

  4. @ Tamanna: :)
    @ Masoom: the routine becomes even more interesting when one lives in a hostel :)
    @namrata: Believe me there is a lot of slogging but the the fun after the hard work is mind blowing :)