Wednesday, April 20, 2011

0: Bid Adieu


I am 3 days late in posting about the D-Day but the full night party and hectic travel plans for the next 2  days are to be blamed for this...

Anyways coming back to the excitement ....... Many of my classmates were really really emotional by the fact that the MBA is now over, this is the end of the student life and the end of the hostel life, but somehow I was/am not able to mirror their feelings.

I have really enjoyed my the 2 years and I have brought back some really wonderful memories which I will cherish for life. I will definitely miss the friends that I have made here ( 3 of them Abhinav, Mithun and Pooja being really really special :)), but having said all this I really think that its the right time for this phase to end. I am not at all sad, but infact I am really looking forward to my new life ahead with my dear husband :) :)

While I was enjoying my MBA life, my husband was living all by himself.  He sacrificed so much for my dream to come true and now thanks to him I have all that I wanted ( touchwood :))

So with some really good memories and some amazing friends for life, I bid adieu to the wonderful life of an MBA student as  I embark upon an all new life with my husband, Anil.

Thanks for reading :)

I will now write my next post from a new location and a new home :)

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  1. Not many women have that kind of support after marriage! Kudos to your husband :)

    See you next from Sharjah :)