Wednesday, April 20, 2011

...and the Countdown begins Today!!!!!!!


10 more days to go and my two years long  journey towards becoming an MBA will officially come to an end.

29th April, 2011 will be the last day of my student life ( well, of-course I would continue to be the student of a subject called life, but thank god that I am free from the academics and the course contents and the text books :) :) :) ). By the way I am an extremely good. intelligent and smart student (I just can not be modest ;)), but text book study really bores me....

I think I am drifting apart from the topic, so back to the countdown :)

From June 2009 to April 2011, I have discovered or may be rediscovered some facts about myself and I think now is the appropriate time to pen them down ( or may be post them down in this digital, hi tech format called blogging :))

So here are the top 10 facts about I, Me and Myself :

  1. I can manage my time quite well
  2. I can definitely be the team leader but if somebody is more efficient then me, I always listen 
  3. I am an extremely good and effective presenter. I always get the most difficult or complex part to present and I always do a good job :)
  4. I hate, hate , HATE people who are not willing to work or who make excuses and  post pone work till the last minute and who take me for granted and now I know how to handle them.
  5. I am a simplifier (I don't know if thats a word), I like to keep things as simple and interesting as possible.
  6. As far as my work is concerned I like to be organized so that the end result is on time, effective and good :)
  7. People want to work with me so I am in a position to chose who to work with ( I am just a little bit of control freak, not much though and I think its essential to get the work done)
  8. I am not an all work no play girl. I do everything from watching all the movies and sitcoms on the laptop, chit chatting till late in the night, partying ( I love to dance), but I always make sure that my assignments and presentations are on time. And as far as exams are concerned, I study only 1 day before the exams like many others but score amazingly well :)
  9. I am the first bencher only because I sleep or get busy with my laptop if I sit anywhere else and I think not listening to the professor is very disrespecting and I strongly think that more then the text books, its the professors' experiences that teaches us ( well, not all professors are good but some are really great :))
  10. I never ever say no to any plans, be it watching a movie or a dinner or clubbing or 1 day trips. I am always in and I like to enjoy things as if there is no tomorrow :) :)

These are my top of the mind recall :)
In the coming days, I would come up with series of posts regarding my MBA life.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Its 10 days to go before even I become an MBA :) Congrats!!

  2. In 10 days your life will change. You will miss what you have been living these past two years. But you will be finishing a big thing so work hard and party harder... have fun.

  3. wow multi talented and well organized!

    "I study only 1 day before the exams like many others but score amazingly well"
    How do you do that ??? lol :D

  4. @Agam: Thats a nice co incidence... Congratulations to you too :)

    @Anil: Thank u annu, You made it all possible for me :) :)

    @Namrata: Thank you Namrata, but I am able to score well because God has blessed me with the ability to cover up all the text book gyaan at an amazing speed ;) and also because of some attentiveness in class, remember I am a first bencher :) :)