Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4:PEOPLE all the way

Just 4 days to go

I think that I owe the wonderful experience of the past 2 years to the people I have met here.

For the first time ever I have stayed in such close proximity to people who come from different walks of life. It made me realize that though all of us are so different but still we are so together as class mates, as batch mates and as room mates.

Of course there are people with whom you do not gel very well or you might even dislike but then there are those who become friends for life.

  1. I guess a Business School is all about the peopleLearning to adjust in groups ( even if you are in a group of your choice)
  2. Dealing with personalities (one is so very different from the other and you have to find tricks to handle them ;))
  3. Accommodating everybody ( deciding on a place for dinner is a task in itself :))
  4. Bringing in birthdays at 12 am ( the cake make up and the birthday bums :) :))
Its a wonderful experience and it just can not be put to words. It has to be experienced.
Few years down the line when I will think about these two years , probably this madness and mayhem and chaos is what i will remember and cherish :)


  1. congrats on finishing ur degree and these friends will stay with u after graduation too... dont worry


  2. @Namrata :) :)

    @Prutha: thanks and yes these are friends for life :)

  3. I really like your post!! Since even my MBA finishes this week I can totally relate to what you have written :) Well done!!
    P.S Happy Studying!!

  4. @ Agam: Thanks and same to you :)