Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Game

Just read a friend's blog... He said something about playing the GAME. He said and I qoute " The greatest pleasure in life is in watching the game unfold just the way you planned it, despite all the odds"
This made me wonder whether all of us play a game, whether life is actually a playing field.

I think YES, but a worth asking is question is that whether we are playing our own GAME or not. From what i have observed is that people want and hence try very hard to be someone else. As far as i am concerned, I think i play my own game, with my own beliefs and my own rules... My Game My Rules :) :) ( I get such a high saying this line over and over again and I do say this repeatedly)

But can we play the game alone???
Well, though my blog reads I Me Myself, but i still need a team to carry on. This is when my family and friends come in... I just hate being alone.. Though my husband is in sharjah and i am in bangalore finishing up MBA, I still have 2 really good friends to keep me company ( take my temper and tantrums)

Now coming back to my friend's statement of planning the game... Well... Mine game ( life) is 40% planned and 60% fate/ luck/ destiny.... But then i am not complaining.. i am very happy about the way i have played life ( sounds so smart and god like :))

My conclusion would be :
We are not the only ones playing the GAME, the game also plays US
But then I play my part honestly,( sometimes i am biased but then i have every right to be.. remember.. My Game My Rules ;)


  1. I like your style of writing...honest and fun!

  2. Thanks :)
    and i do think u r styling like a true fashionista
    i didnt catch ur name though..

  3. Interesting! We are not the only ones playing the GAME, the game also plays US I agree! :)