Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ads We Grew Up Watching & Loving

Yesterday in the adjoining Marketing class at my institute the students were playing some Video Ads which kind of took me back to the memory lane. Well Ads are made to market the products but still some of them are so aesthetically done that they leave an everlasting impression and now when we watch them they give us goose bumps as well.
So I decided to this post about my top 5 ads of all times.. The ads we all grew up watching... So here we go

1) These are a series of Kuch Khaas Hai Hum Sabhi Main Ads ( There is something special in each one of us)  by Dairy Milk

My favorite is the dancing girl ad :)

2) This is my favorite Raymond Ad

3) Nescafe Commercial: Love the Song

4) Mantra we should live by ( I don't like milk but love the jingle :))

5)  Love the craziness of this commercial

6) The best Pepsi Commercial ever....

 These are some of my top of the minds ad. Do add your fav commercials to the list :)


  1. A walk down the memory lane...:) It has gotten me in a nostalgic zone!

  2. Wow, loved it. So many memories of school.

  3. @ Natasha, ZB, Bhushavali: Its a great feeling going back the memory lane :)

  4. Nice post! Old ads are the best to look upon

    Check out Runway Rundown!

  5. excellent collection
    enjoy the ads

  6. I've always loved cadbury ads. Even the new ones actually. The recent one with the girl at the bus stop is really cute.

    But, yea, these old ads were the best. They don't make ads like these anymore. :(

  7. Full on nostalgia!!! Love all of the ads here, most ads today just majorly annoy me and some don't even fit with the product!