Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mes Intérêts

I am new to the world of blogging. In the past 2-3 days I have spent a whole lot of time browsing through a lot of blogs. One thing I have realized that only those blogs and bloggers have caught my attention ( difficult thing considering i have a very very short attention span :)) which have something in common with my likes or dislikes ( i think many a times people are able to bond well primarily because they dislike a common thing/ entity).

Anyways coming back to the point... All this made me think over my interests. likes and dislikes. Hence I decided that my next blog would be about these very things... My Interests ( the blog title is a  french translation coz i here so much of french now a days from my sister who is learning french coz she is getting married and moving to France)

Moving back to the blog...

I love to shop... As long as I am not in a Mall, I am fine coz for all practical purposes I have more things then required... Anyways once in a Mall, I lose all control.. I feel the compelling need to buy all things that I can lay my hands on... My husband thinks of me like a little baby left to play around :)

I love love shoes... any shape, any colour, any style, with heels, without heels... I simply love SHOES :) :)

I think that shoes and bags are the most important accessories that can really make or break the look... I mean you can simply plan your look around your shoes and bags..
As far as bags are concerned , my favourite is the cross body bags in big sizes... these are so easy to carry when travelling or shopping... but when i dress up for dinners/ parties i have to have a clutch ( its a must )

I love watching movies.. Me and my husband make it a point to watch each and every movie ( hindi and english) in the theater.... And Movies + Popcorn = Fun :)

Driving to no where is something i always look forward to... The feeling of moving with the wind aimlessly is just so relaxing.

I just love food... I am a FAST Foodie and not at all a Health foodie ( oh God why?  why? why?)
I love to cook, I love to eat and I love when I get compliments about the food I cook ( YUP, I am a great cook.. I can never be modest about things i am good at ;) )
I love to eat fried food ( SIN SIN SIN), but i am glad i do not have a sweet tooth.. that would have been a double trouble....

I just can not stop writing about myself.... I think I will continue this post later..
Anyways its a good feeling to jot down things about my self... Hmn...Cool!!!!!


  1. I LOVE shoes too, I think most women do :)


  2. Agreed Jemina... also most men i think fail to acknowledge their importance, atleast my father and my male friends always wonder at my shoe fetish :)
    But my husband though thinks its illogical to have so many shoes but he is always happy buying them for me :)

  3. mine list would be similar to urs :) Exact similar!
    and abt ur can never understand how imp shopping, shoes n bags are in a girls life...but thats so sweet of him to buy everything 4 u !
    and yeah finally someone from rajasthan in this blogging world...
    yeah i did some changes in blog's setting.. like on my blog right click is disabled and i watermark all my pics... and now i am trying to make it drag-n-drop proof... but i am an architecture student and HTML, JAVA scripts are alien to me.... so its gonna take me a while as i am still struggling to understand it... 'll let u know..

  4. wow! This list could as well be mine :)Add to this list, my sweet tooth too :-o Welcome to the blogging world! Nice post :)

  5. @Sandhyaa: Thanks for the tips and same pinch for the rajasthan connection :)

    @Natasha: Thanks Natasha..

    @ Jemina,Sandhyaa,Natasha: I am sure a lot of us share various common interests.. little more exploration will reveal them to us... what say????

  6. All the girls love to shop! :) I can see you're into a clot of square cross body bags...good! :)

  7. @Tamanna: Shopping is such a high :)

  8. Shoes , shopping , movie and food! No wonder we have a lot in common ;)
    Although shopping craziness is in every girl's DNA :P

  9. loved dos bags shoes...m followin u..nice check out mine...

  10. LOVE all the shoes you have posted! From one shopaholic to another! :)

  11. Ahh you had me at "shop"! I can't help myself either, especially if I've just gotten paid. And shoes... oh, shoes! I've been collecting them like mad lately! I love this little peek into your life. You're absolutely right that people bond over similarities.