Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What is wrong with the people???

Its New Year's time and yet I am writing a very angry post, but the matter of the fact is that I am very miffed with the attitude of some  most of the people around me. I am doing MBA and right now its the Placement time in my college which means hell lot of a competition but fortunately that is not the problem with my batch. I am irritated with their attitude towards me.
I am different from my batch-mates in certain ways. Here are some of the facts:
  1. I am an INDIAN married girl
  2. I am doing MBA after my marriage
  3. My husband is an engineer from IIT and an MBA from XLRI ( for the benefit of non Indian readers, these 2 are the premier educational institutes in India)  and now has moved to Sharjah (UAE)
For most of the people it was difficult to digest the fact that I am doing MBA staying away from my husband because conventional Indian thinking does not guarantee this but then they had got to appreciate the fact and well they thought that i was lucky. may be they are right as I had never thought of doing an MBA post marriage as my in laws are way to conservative but then my husband is not, actually he is the one who motivated me to do so.

Once people got over this fact they started commenting why do you need a job from college, your husband will get you a job of your liking. All these people knew that I am one of the biggest competitors they had and they did  acknowledge this fact but also left no opportunity to comment sarcastically.

Then came the news that me and my husband are going to relocate to Sharjah and all hell break lose (OK I am exaggerating but then I am very angry). The comments that followed:

  • "NRI, hmn... nice.... why do you need a job now, your husband is earning in dirhams"
  • "What will you do with a job, spend what your husband earns"
  • "You have an NRI husband, rich girl you are"
  • "Oh God! Why don't I have a husband in Dubai"
  • etc etc etc
I HATE them all.

All these people have simply mentioned the facts: My husband is financially sound, I like to spend, for all practical purposes I do not need a job. Also these people have never ever doubted my capabilities, they know I am good rather better then a lot of them. But, I am still angry with all the comments and most importantly the tone of the comments. It just makes me ANGRY and irritated and I have actually yelled at a couple of them.
My point is that if you are that amazed, intrigued or jealous then instead of looking for a job, look for a rich spouse yourself and stop bothering me.

Probably I am simply exaggerating, probably this is the way people talk in general. But my problem is that I do not comment on anybody else's life, I do not give unsolicited advices and I expect the same in return.... I guess I am expecting too much... Whatever.... from now onwards I have decided not to pay attention to silly people and their super silly comments.

Actually after writing the entire post I realize that now a days everybody is commenting on everybody else... For example:

  • When a student who has got the job attends the classes regularly, people say, "Why are you attending classes, you are already placed"
  • When the same student bunks the classes the same people say, " Why will you attend the classes, you are already placed"
Human beings are a real CRAZY specie.

I think I feel better now :)
Thanks for reading all the ramblings of mine....


  1. Hey Purvi, I ompletelu understand what you are feeling. It's a post to make those deadhead literate people undertsand how-ridiculous-a-literate-can-act. When people ask you questions like this, ask yourself "Do i Care"... "Oh comeon I don't" will be your answer. Have fun!! Give emense love to your hubby and constant support toeach other... rest of them are BAH!!


  2. Thanks for the advice shoppingaholic (sorry, didn't catch your name)

  3. Sweetie - you can't spend your time or energy thinking about this negative stuff. There's a quote that says, the only reason it's a part of your life is because you think about it. Not that it's easy to do, but focus on other things... school, hubby, hobbies, family, etc. Who cares what people say or ask?

    If you want a few more good quotes, check out my quote blog:

  4. Hey Purvi...this is India....which is growing at rapid rate but their mentality is growing at snail pace it seems...WEll to be very frank..hell with this world...they are people who will be the first to poke your when your happy and last to be there for you when your sad...just ignore and move on...all the best..happy new year...

  5. I truly understand how you feel, and it is OK to rant, I believe it's good to the soul :), btw, please just ignore all of the negative comments, do what you want to do and be happy

    I wish you Love and Happiness in the year of 2011 my dear

    LOVE, always

  6. Chill out! Really!

  7. There are always those individuals that reek of negativity and narrow mindedness, ignore them and forge on!


    Happy, Happy New Year!


  8. That's sad!!! Of late me too getting similar reactions for resigning my job for studies!!! :(
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  9. hey just relax, sit back and enjoy their frustration. like they say "socho toh sab kuch hain, na socho toh kuch bhi nahi".

    have fun :)

  10. Hey!
    Its really sad to know that people think like that.
    You go out there and follow your dream girl!
    I'm also doing an MBA in Fashion from NIFT New Delhi.
    There are some people who cannot look beyond their blinkers! I'm sure you will do great things with your life.

  11. well this is totally should get a nice job...but if i was in your position and my wife was earning that much i wouldnt had bothered to do MBA...sittin idle n doin cant get better den this... :)