Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Start

I am not much of a writer, in fact I always found writing BORING, but here I am starting a blog to write about MYSELF ( i am a little self obsessed). I guess the new interest in writing is attributed to 2 reasons:

  • I have plenty of time with my MBA course getting near completion . While all my classmates are shit scared for their placements and hence preparing like crazies, I on the other hand am totally laid back because my husband has moved to Sharjah and I will be packing my bags off to join him there in May. Well, my placement now has become the sole responsibility of my dear husband. In the nutshell (after writing an entire paragraph ;)) I have too much free time on my hand especially when I have seen all the 100+ movies on my hard disc ( well, yes I am the craziest movie buff EVER)
  • Second reason for me blogging would be to catch my wildly running thoughts to be able to reflect on them later.

Well, I guess i have written like a true MBA ( The Cause and Effect Analysis and all)
The world says and I second that the MBA course do really really corrupt one person ( talking too much JARGONS and finding complexities in the most simplest things ever)
How Corrupted I am???????
I guess my blogging will reveal that to me eventually.


  1. Hey there! :) I guess time for the next post?

  2. hey!!!!
    already written one and now planning on another one :)