Monday, February 6, 2012

A to Z About ME

Saw this on Shalini's blog which she in turn got from various other blogs who got the idea from other blogs, so I am not sure from where this idea has originated but I think it was meant to be copied :) though I have tweaked some pointers so that I can control what I tell :) :)

Here goes the A to Z of me, which makes it one more "All About ME" post :)

  • Age: 28 this May
  • Bed Size: King size as husband is 6 feet 3 inches tall
  • Chores that you hate: Cleaning up the house every single day, daily cooking and I do these everyday because i like clean house and good food, no matter what
  • Dogs: None, not a fan of having pets
  • Essential start to your day: I make my bed first thing in the morning, hate the blankets and sheets lying messed up. And both me and Husband do not drink tea or coffee so an alarm and our wills our enough to get us up :)
  • Favorite Color: I basically love all the colors :) :) though I sometimes favor pink :)
  • Gold or Silver: Gold I guess but it always finds its way into the lockers. Though I think ones investment portfolio should have some Gold ETFs
  • Height: 5 feet 3 inches, I am a good one feet shorter then my Husband, but I like my height
  • Instruments that you play: Nothing
  • Job Title: Artist, Entrepreneur, Blogger :) :)
  • Kids: None, others' kids look lovely, thought of mine scares me
  • Live: Born in Rajasthan, lived in Punjab, married in Mumbai, studied in Bangalore now in                  Sharjah (UAE)
  • Music: I like a wide variety, music know no bounds, right?
  • Nicknames: Parents used to called me "Bittu" now siblings, cousins, friends and husband call    me "Pui"
  • Obsessive Compulsion: To keep things in ORDER
  • Pet peeves: I hate to wait, I hate unasked advice especially from relatives and many many more
  • Quote: "I will not exist, I will live" I often say this and I believe it :)
  • Right or left Handed: Right Handed
  • Siblings: A sister who is 1.5 years younger and a brother who is 9 years younger
  • Travel Destinations: I will go anywhere as long as I get to travel
  • Unacceptable: Being taken for granted
  • Vegetable(s) you hate: Bitter gourd, pumpkin, cabbage and I am sure there are many more but can not recollect as of now
  • What makes you run late: My husband, yup, believe me when I say that he takes more time in getting ready then me, and no, he is not one of those guys who stands in front of the mirror endlessly. I am simply too fast for him to catch up :) :)
  • X-Rays you have had: Chest, Back and teeth and teeth and teeth ( I had braces as a kid )
  • Yummy food that you make: Everything I make is YUMMY, modesty aside, I am a great cook :) and I can make a whole range of food :) :)
  • Zodiac: I am a Gemini 

You can read more about me here and here.

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Leaving you with another outfit of mine :)


  1. You statement neck piece is a head turner...Is the bag dark purple?

  2. i want your necklace! oh i love your answer about Music ;)


  3. I love purple so I really like this outfit!!!
    You are a gemini??? Me too!!!!

  4. Good to knw more abt u and i love the bag. :)

  5. What an amazing post! I loved learning something more about you!

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Macarons and Pearls

  6. I dig the shoes girl! Purple --- Win!

    :) And, it was a fun read too....I do not like pets either, too much responsibility :|

  7. lovely pictures .. and a good A to z ..

    you lived in punjab KITHE KITHE :)

    and did press the like button


  8. aww really nice post ! all about you, hmm interest. hihih i love your blog.

  9. It's lovely to know abt u loved the idea of the post :) Nice necklace

  10. I hate waiting as well, especially when I take so much pains to turn up on time.

    Like things in order - my mind doesn't function otherwise :)

  11. nice bag and neck piece pui! :D
    Good to know more about u!

  12. I will go anywhere too, as long as I get to travel! Nice post Purvi.

  13. I did this list a while ago, so much fun, I love the way you did it :).

  14. Very very interesting..I guess I should write one for my blog soon:)

  15. So nice to share little known facts about yourself:) I enjoyed reading and the humorous way you put it across!

  16. I Love this post Purvi, I just read it over and wished there were more alphabets so it continue on and I could learn more interesting things about you. I's love the 'borrow' the idea, I think you should do one of those 'tag' things, not sure how it works. You are wearing the most beautiful necklace, love the feathers. The colour of your boots and bag is so pretty and unusual. Great outfit!

  17. Good to know so many things about u. Interesting trend ... I love ur neck piece bag and shoes ... Nice pics :D

  18. I love your handbag! And completely agree with your response to what's unacceptable.

  19. That's a neat idea- using the alphabet. Great pics

  20. Even I hate unasked for advice! It annoys the life out of me.

  21. Its very easy to learn about someone this way alphabetically A - Z. And it was nice knowing your life alphabets. Interesting post!

  22. wow.. The way to a man's heart is by his stomach.. N u cook???? That is incredible to me.. who just cooks pasta,lasgna,maggie,roti,parantha.. dis is nt enf! :P
    Thanks fr ur sweet comment :)

    Surprise 3: Blog sale


  23. Loved the A-Z post, can't wait to copy it!!

    The necklace is really pretty!

  24. hi hon, this was such a cute idea! thanks for sharing.


  25. nice to learn these things about you!!

  26. So, where do you find them??:P And the thought of kids of my own scares me too....I mean what if they behave exactly like me:O

  27. Love your answer to your morning routine! I need a lot of will to awake at the time I do!
    Love your outfit here...especially the sunglasses and the cuffed perfect!
    XO - Marion

  28. awesome post to meet with your blog! I definitely love it!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. following you now

  29. I love your A-Z concept,Purvi!! :) And me too,hate people offering unasked advices.It simply pisses me off.The maximum I feel doing polite is walk out of that place.Infact those are the very reasons I don't, infact NEVER share my problems to anyone except someone who always known me and my mom! :)

    I love your outfit.You look so gorgeous! You'll be such a pretty-stylish mom! Lucky kids! :)

  30. Love this look! Great blog! Following you :)

  31. I see that you're a 20something petite like me. I loved the quote about living and not mere existing...Also my husband is slower than me too :D

    I voted for you on Facebook. You're art is mind blowing. I'm sort of an artist too, I create abstracts. You can check them linked on my blog.

  32. Love the concept of A-Z with tidbitds of your life! Interesting write up!
    PS. I liked the photo, hope you win! Good luck!

    Style-Delights Blog

  33. You look very chic. It is so nice to know so much about a fellow blogger. I am glad that you visited my blog and left your link there.. Seems we have a lot of things in common!

  34. Purvi i really liked dis idea i shall try it soon..:):)
    Gud 1..:):)
    I don hav pets tooo i don like them.
    I donno y but found dis blog very cute..:):)