Sunday, February 19, 2012

2 Tags, 1 Award

Last time I had clubbed 2 awards and a win in the post here
This time around I am doing 2 tags and an Award, actually its the same tag except with different questions.
So I have been tagged by Jen and Rads

The rules are:

1. Put the rules on your blog
2. Every person tagged should tell 11 things about themselves, answer the 11 questions asked by the one that tagged you, tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions.
3. Let the people whom you gave tagged know you've done so
4. Don't tag anyone who's been tagged before

11 things About Me
I love telling about myself and i have done so previously herehere, and here. So if you are not bored or are new to my blog then please go ahead and click to read ALL ABOUT ME here

Now the questions asked: I think my answers have made this post another "All About Me" Post :)

Rad's 11 Questions:
What do you like about my blog, coz I know you follow it?

  • I am a new follower and and I followed you because of the variety of topics that I find on your blog.
What was the last romantic-comedy you saw?
  • "Ek Mein Aur Ek Tu" its an Indian Movie
Do you dig photography, or abstract art, or both? Why?

  • I enjoy both but can not look at them for hours trying to find the meaning.
Do you believe in magic?

  • I hope for Harry Potter kind of magic to be real in some parallel world. In my world I do not really think there is magic as such, at least not the flick of the hand kind of magic. But then technology which is all about logic has "magically" transformed our lives... what say?
Do you think Lady GaGa is crazy?
  • I think she is very intelligent. She has simply crated a niche for herself by standing out from the crowd and getting noticed.
What's your favorite electronic gadget?

  • I think it has to be my Laptop as it has made my life a lot easier and by brain more attentive and aware about things around
Do you think Apple products are overrated or the most perfect examples of creative engineering ever?

  • I have a Macbook Pro, I am confused between buying an IPhone and Blackberry , I think IPad is a toy and I still want to buy it. So all in all I am an Apple fan but I agree to both that Apple products are overrated AND the most perfect examples of creative engineering ever
Who's your favorite author?

  • I read Fiction only and I pick a book after reading the synopsis. So no author in general can make me pick his/her latest book if i am not in the mood to read what he has to offer
Your favorite blog/website, other than mine ofcourse :P
  • I follow so so many blogs ranging from Fashion to Lifestyle to Food to Art to Crafts, that it is really difficult to pick one. I other words, I am not telling what I like :) :)
Pastries or Cupcakes? Why?

  • None really, I lack the sweet tooth 
What are you listening to or have on your media player right now?

  • "Move like Jagger"
Jen's 11 Killer Questions

What do you like most about yourself?
  • What a great question to begin with :) :) :) If you are a regular reader of my blog then you know that I am artist ( by the way, you guys have only seen one of the art forms that I practice :)) , my professional qualification is that of an MBA, I can style myself very well, I can cook good food, I have pretty balanced thoughts So, I think I am good sometimes great and sometimes amazing at all the things I do :)
The best day of your life :)
  • I do not think it would be fair to pick just one because all of us have many important days in our lives which have helped us, transformed us, changed the course of our lives and in all made us happier
How would you equate life ? (As in, I equated it like this : live+laugh+love or like the pic above ;)
  • I think this question deserves a dedicated post. For the time being (because I do not have time to work out an equation) I think Jen I agree with you.
Who is that one person you think is the reason for what you are today? And why?
  • 3 actually: My Parents for giving the perfect upbringing, great values and best opportunities and My Husband for letting me be and helping me realize all my dreams.
From where/how do you think jealousy stems from? chuck the drama and be straight & mean.;) (You can site incidents too :)
  • One is jealous when one does not have what the others have. One can live with the desire to possess something but desire to possess something that a know person has makes one jealous
What makes YOU jealous of someone? (Not to worry,we're humans ; there's no such thing as I-am-never-jealous-about-anyone! :)
  • Frankly speaking when I see someone wearing stuff that I can not wear because it won't fit me, thats what makes me jealous :( 
If you were given a second chance to alter your current living life ,how different would that be from what/how you are living now? And why?
  • I do not want to change or alter my current life in any which way. I am in a happy place and I would want the time and fate to follow their natural course. Although I do hope and wish that the future will always be better then today.
That one celebrity/person you would want to be, given the chance.Which one would that be?
  • Karisma Kapoor. She was and is my fav :)
Red or Yellow roses?
  • Red of course :) not because I am an undying Romantic but because they look better then yellow ones :)
Treasure hunt :The longest route to the treasure box or the one that is shortest but dangerous?You are provided with NO map.And no instruction is given that you'd require a gun to shoot down that savage lion.
  • Well if the same treasure awaits me at the end of both the routes then I would take the longest route. I would like to play to my strengths. Taking a calculative risk is always good but hoping to beat a lion with bare hands is insane and I am not INSANE :) :)
If you were awarded 1million US$ for being ALONE for two years on a strange island ,No connection with people via any means but given all the food supply and water for 5 whole years.You are completely cut off from the world .No nearby countries. You are dropped by a charted flight. Would you take up the offer? Yes/No? Why?
  • I love that my husband comes home for lunch and that we have a 2 day long weekend to spend with each other. I go back to meet my parents at least  every 6 months. I video chat with my mom and sister every other day. My brother calls me every now and then to update me about the latest things in his life or to convince me to convince my parents to let him buy what he fancies at that particular time. Leaving all this for 5 years for mere 1 million US$,  NO WAYS :) :)
The Versatile Blogger Award

While writing this post I came to know that Jen has given me an award as well: The Versatile Blogger Award. This is the second time I have got this award, so the lazy me will not write another post about this award. Please check the 7 facts about me in the previous award post here

I am going to be lazy and may be lame as well by keeping the tagging open. Sorry for spoiling all the fun but right now I do not have the patience to pick and choose. Remember I am going to India and hence I have a lot of packing to be done :) :)

This post was supposed to be a quick one yet I have spent 2 hours on this.
See you later :)


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