Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Its all about ME: Part 1

The Message:

The Disclaimer:

These following facts are what I have experienced, realized, thought, felt, observed over a past couple of years, months, weeks and days. Some of these are related to the Blog world and some to my personal life. There is no co relation between one and another. Basically this is a random post about random things in my head that keep coming back to me on a regular basis :) :) Any resemblance to any person living or dead is definitely possible but is purely coincidental :P :P.
Your opinions and comments are most welcome.

So here we go:

  • I can not become friends with a group of people who have already being friends or at least move in the same group. If those people do not make genuine efforts to make me comfortable, I simply feel as if I am intruding. One faces such situations when either you are newly married (this is still a tolerable situation)  or when you move to a new country where you get introduced by a friend to his or her's friend circle and not all are so welcoming...
  • I can talk endlessly on any topic under the sun but then you will have to start the conversation. I am a total waste as far as starting a conversation is concerned. This is the reason why I fear meeting fellow bloggers or any new person.
  • I am thinking to un follow some of the bloggers because they seem to be think like me too such an extent that it creeps me out to see the similarities.
  • These days I have been thinking about training myself in one of the paper craft formats that I picked up a long time ago but haven't explored fully.
  • Some of the  girls/women that I meet are too judgmental about me. They do not like my thoughts, my beliefs, my way of living, my dressing and somehow they always try to find faults with what I do. I guess know they are threatened by me :P :)
  • Also after 2 years of MBA and my interactions with people I also realized that I am quite likable and I am fun to be around and this thought of mine is based on the fact that people have come up to me and said so :) :) and they were genuine comments.
  • When I joined MBA, and told people that I was married, their jaws dropped to the floor, really, they were like: How? Why? When? married for 2 years? Will stay away from your husband for 2 years?....... I was a married girl, with not extra baggages that girls tend to carry after marriages, I was (I still am:)) fun, happy, cheerful and very unorthodox, and I think that hit the right cord. 

I have previously written 7 random facts about me here. I think I will make this a regular feature on my blog. What do you have to say about that ??????


  1. Am loving these random posts...keep them coming :)
    I agree with the first point,I really get annoyed when people I meet for the first time in an arranged meeting turn out to be unwelcoming :(

  2. Enjoyed reading these facts about you… I know what you mean about ‘group of friends’.. I find it very hard to make friends… But once you get to know me a little, your comfortable in my company.. and I trust you.. then I guess you’ve got a good friend for life..

    Meeting fellow bloggers … well you wont have to worry about that in Dubai… When we have a bloggers meet, there are a few who start conversations and don’t stop talking.. *smiles*..

    Oh.. Paper craft.. sounds fun!!

    Ha ha ha.. I know the MBA feeling… when I was giving my CA exams, I was a good 8 months pregnant for my first kiddo… And people would stare at you.. ‘like.. gosh!!’… my brains aren’t affected just coz Im married or am having a baby.. you know… *grins*..

    Cant wait to read more!!

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  4. Woo I feel like I know so much more about you now! I totally agree about that stage of meeting a bunch of people at once who are already friends! The word awkward comes to mind. The worst is imagining what they will be discussing with each other once you leave and whether you made a good impression! Also this sounds terribly stereotypical of me but I find that a lot of females in India are judgmental- I'm not sure whether it's my accent that throws them off!

  5. Wow.I actually like your random talk! :) Its awesome to read.

    Generally people who want to be like you, in other words, jealous of you feel the need to insult you about your thoughts or the way you dress. Coz in reality they are vying to be like you. Yes you are threatening them ;) So take cue from that and know that you are absolutely fabulous irrespective of what others think of you!! :)

    You are gorgeous so never let yourself low. Go on,carry yourself with pride!! :) I'm so proud that I got company ;) Be proud of yourself too!! :)

  6. its a good idea , this way we know more about you . maybe start a tag too :) so we know about others as well..

    hmm unfollowing some bloggers now i wonder WHO :)

    and you are better off without the ones who think of you that way ..

    Take care and keep smiling

  7. Enjoyed reading this lol! I'm thinking of unfollowing blogs for a different reason, I'm sick of the 'follow me follow you culture' some people clearly just want to push the numbers up and don't really care about content! (sorry for the ramble :p) Joining a new group of friends is not for me, I tend to make friends with one person at a time and somehow we end up becoming a group :) xxx

  8. Good to know more abt u...yes i talk a lot too and am generally likeable, or thats why i would like to believe! ;) :P

  9. MBA after marriage idea has been up in my mind for quite some time I am getting married in May, staying away from my to be hus is not at all acceptable to my parents and He is the reason why I had to give up on the idea of MBA, 3 years back as my parents felt 2 MBAs under the same roof will lead to busier schedules and an unsatisfied married life...Time to make em realize that parents are not always right!!

  10. Was fun reading random facts about you! And I completely get the first point! I can never/ever try getting into an already established group of friends unless they make an effort..I feel awkward otherwise :)

  11. I'm your 100th follower :D How cool is that :) *drumroll*

  12. great to know about u


  13. I like the idea so keep posting something about you, why you'like to unfollow bloggers that are similar to you? The beauty of blogging is sharing our thoughts regardless the affinity of thoughts. I hope you will reconsider this.
    And as far as the rest is concerned you don' t have to care about other people's thoughts about your life. That's your own business and this is what makes you special dear!

  14. Good to know more about you!

  15. Ohhhh love such posts. Pls write more. Re num 1, I have made friends with people who are part of a group already, but if they're not too welcoming, I just politely excuse myself from social gatherings. No point being invited and having to sit in a corner right? And re num 6 - OF COURSE YOU'RE LIKEABLE! What made you doubt that?

  16. It was so nice to read your thoughts...some things I really relate to. I moved to a new city and new job a few years ago...I didnt know anyone and am not great at putting myself out there but I really made a huge effort to make friends...I held lots of dinner parties and other thing and what I found is that people were nice on the surface and I got invited to all the parties but it was difficult to make real know someone you can just call and say hey you wana come over for coffee. anyways it worked out fine and I made some good friends eventually but I learnt alot from the experience about people. However I still really dont understand how people can be so mean and unwelcoming. If I ever see someone alone I will always try my best to include them because no one deserves to be left out.

  17. Such an interesting read..I could relate to a few esp the 1st point :)
    And I am a big supported of the fact, that if you wish too, your life can still be YOURS post *High Five* to that :D
    Checked out your previous posts which I had missed..Purvi you are so so talented..can't wait to see your work in India or the next time I am in Dubai :):)
    Good going :)

  18. Purvi totaly enjoyed reading the post first of all i am excited to see the paper crafts soon!!!
    Then reg pont 5 i wanna tell whoever may be the other person if they don't like it's their problem never feel bad or think about such person and waste ur valuable and creative time..
    I appreciate the last point that pursuing studies even after marr ur so lucky yarrrr few will get the chance of going back to the happiest days and enjoy the life...
    coming to point 3 am i on the list that u have decided to unfollow :( just kidding ur my first sweet n lovely follower for my blog i know u will never do that..
    So looking forward for such a interesting post again :)

  19. I really enjoy these random fact posts of yours.
    On the first point, I totally understand where you're coming from, some cliques don't like letting any new people in and make things so awkward for any outsider.
    Don't worry about the judgmental people, they are just jealous that they haven't achieved all that you have.
    And your last point, its so good to hear that you've kept up the optimism and your fun nature even after marriage.

  20. Love this post! It is hard meeting a group of new people if they are not all welcoming, very true. How could anyone not like you? You are so sweet!

    And I am very nervous about meeting people as well. When I get to know them it is easy to talk and laugh but when I am just meeting someone I get very nervous.

  21. Purvi, the thoughts may appear to be random but the they reflect your true self!The basic honesty which so many of us lack!Do not worry you will have a lot of blogger keenly following what you have to say/ write:)

  22. I so agree to point #1. And my luck was so unfortunate that everywhere I went - be it shifting to a new school, or college or summer camp, I would find pre-formed groups. I was always the odd one out and I never knew how to be part of the group without feeling like i was intruding or something! Of course I have changed now.. but like you said if they seem very unwelcome then I prefer my own company!
    Make this a regular feature on your blog! :)


  23. So agree with #1.. I faced it once.. So I rather keep away from them...Your Random thoughts speaks volumes about ur personality.. keep it coming... People get judgmental it their own head ache. Don't have to be bothered.. :D And Congratulations you have 100 followers.. Its a milestone... And keep blogging :D

  24. Aww..this is really sweet Purvi. Every one is unique in their own way. And trust me I am so proud of you and I feel so good that you did MBA after marriage.