Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Arabesque Collection Part 4 and 5

This painting is clearly inspired from the traditional Henna designs, full with swirls, flowers and leaves.
The classic combination of dark and light blue with white is very Mediterranean in its feel.  I have colored this painting with acrylics only, so no coffee in this one. I had earlier showed this painting in the very first post for 2012, here.

Following has been the biggest work I have done so far. Its based on the intricately carved doors of the Royal Palaces. Just like the very first painting of this collection that you saw here, this one also has been colored entirely with coffee and also has the 1 layer of texture in form of Henna designs.

A poll coming up next, so stay tuned :)


  1. I love the first one - blue is my favourite colour!

    The second one is so beautiful too - reminds me of a window almost! Just lovely, you are a very talented artist :)

  2. I love both the art... blue is quite colorful.. But the coffee one is more like Moghul design.. One word can express what felt WOW!

  3. nice one


  4. Loved the blue one! The different shades of blue used make it look extraordinary!