Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Beautiful Leh and a Hearty Dress

I am back from an amazing holiday from Leh. It indeed is a beautiful place, so beautiful that you would refuse to believe it. The varied landscape is truly magical and mesmerizing. You really have to see it to believe it. More on my Leh trip in the coming posts. Till then lets move on to this outfit.

The Design Story
I love hearts but finding good fabrics with hearts on them is quite a difficult task because pnted hearts generally look kiddish. but not this one, I instantly fell in love with this fabric the moment I laid my eyes on it and I got it in 2 beautiful colors. 
The fabric is so soft and fluid that I simply had to make a dress with a flair in it so that I could twirl around and play with it.
You all must have noticed that I generally keep the silhouette and embellishment on my dresses pretty basic and simple. Thats how I like it and this is what I have done with this one. I had this beautiful piece of brocade lying around which was once a part of my Mom's old sari and now is adorning my most favorite dress. I also added a sparkly stone to the belt for a little bit of glamour :) :)
The Fabric: Georgette Brasso Fabric with woven Hearts 
The Silhouette:  Maxi Dress with a flair
The Design Elements: Brocade Belt on the waist with a Stone embellishment and Brocade Piping on the neckline

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  1. Beautiful maxi dress! I love the way the fabric flows :)


  2. That dress looks lovely on you! :) xx

  3. Love the colour! However I am more interested in the Leh post and most importantly pics :)

  4. Lovely dress and the belt goes so well with it

  5. Glad to know you had a lovely holiday :)
    That dress looks so gorgeous on you...am totally in love with the heart patters on it!!! Added to the lovely fabric is that awesomeness of a belt...supah like <3

  6. whoah!!!I feel the maxi dress can be morphed into a cocktail dress or a casual sundress...just the way you have done it....you should start an online shop featuring your self designed outfits...it would be a roaring success...

  7. Wow, you look really great in this long dress!Come back soon to visit my blog: Cosa mi metto???
    Last day to win a gift card to spend on Loved By Blanche

  8. lovely dress..
    and what a place to go for a holiday, leh is beautiful


  9. wow!! beautiful dress!! loved your blog!! its so colorful!

  10. wow...just hearty and pretty..did you make it? the silhouette looks very elegant!.and do post some pics from leh!:)
    Love from Bindigasm
    Facebook buddies?

  11. Elegant dress!!
    And will wait eagerly for your posts on Leh!!
    Wish you a wonderful weekend Purvi:)

  12. love the look!
    Pigalle Passions
    The biggest Louboutin pigalle fansite in the world!

  13. Agree with your comment on fabric with hearts print and yours is just as decent as we girls would like it! The brilliant fall of the dress makes me want to have one!! Go you gift custom-made dresses to your blogger friends ;)

  14. OH WOW! You look beautiful.
    "twirl around and play with it", this was cute. :)

  15. although im new on ur blog..bt its really beautiful...sply ur pix..
    great piece of art..

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