Sunday, November 20, 2011

Freaking SHOW OFF

One of the person ( not all people on the friend's list are "Friends") on my friend list on my personal Facebook Profile wrote on his wall that he is en-route to a foreign locale. Freaking guy was showing off and I know this because I know him for a long time and that is what he takes pride in: SHOWING OFF. He never loses any opportunity to show himself better then others whether monetarily or otherwise.

This guy's status messages are in general always about either his foreign trips or about his location messages e.g XYZ was at PQR Hotel in ABC country or his pictures are always showing off the hotel room he lived in or a famous tourist spot he was at (How obviously ridiculous is that?????).

Anyways this status message made me ponder on the issue of showing off.

Well!!!! its great to be able to visit so many countries and places, I mean I would love to mention my trips to any new place, but showing them off just to impress upon others your wealth is not such a great way to live. By the way this guy works in the marketing department of a company so that would explain all the foreign trips :) :)

I know I am a little judgmental but a lot more opinionated (and I sort of sick to my opinions :)). And I personally see such actions as a sign of insecurity and a sense of lack of achievement.

I have nothing against showing off, I mean I like to show off my new buys, be it a little pair of earrings or a new phone but to my friend's and family only. I  do not do so to impress upon them my superiority. In fact I never talk about such things in front of people who I know are financially not as sound as me.
I know there is a thin line between showing off your happiness and showing off the wealth but from what I understand is that most of the people are intelligent enough to judge the difference.

Anyways I would say that one should show off a real achievement or a great hairstyle or a sexy back ( I love dresses which show off the back :)) or a great recipe or your IQ or EQ or some great talent that one has or whatever but one should not compare cars or foreign trips or your phones, for you don't know that the person you are trying to show your wealth could buy you 100 times over ( all that I am saying may be a little dramatic and  preachy but then I do not care, sometimes I get pissed like this )

Lets face the truth, in reality we will always find people who are not so well off as us, also we will find people who are better off then us. I believe in Karma: What goes around, comes around.
So Mr.XYZ, you will one day come across somebody who will give you the taste of your own stupidity :P

P.S: I do believe that if you have it then flaunt it but DO NOT try hard to make somebody else feel bad..Its not right and its not ethical.
and this post has not been written to preach, its just an outlet of what I felt :) :)

I am sure I am not the only one who thinks like this... Am I????????????

Now thats a Show off I won't mind :)
                                                                                 Source: via Purvi on Pinterest


  1. Purvi, absolutely true! The vulgar display is sometimes hurtful! Lovely dancing peacock says so much!

  2. Show off stems from low self esteem. But there are many who seek acceptance on a public platform by boasting...telling everyone...I have arrived.

  3. @ Rahul Ji: such display simply makes my blood boil.
    @Alka: I agree but then a person who has arrived does not really have to declare it... whats the point of arriving when no one notices???? :) :)

  4. Hmmm I am not sure if i feel like this! I have started accepting people behaviors sometime ago to prevent any harm to my sensitivity. I don't mind people showing off 'cause they make me smile. It probaly hide a deep lack of self confidence. Have a nice weekend!

  5. I agree. In today's world there is one thing that works: flaunt and earn, how pathetic.

  6. @Francesca: I don't think its your lack of self confidence but simply your way to shield yourself :)

    @Shreya: What I wonder is how such people can live with themselves...

  7. Such people annoy the life out of me. I once had a friend who constantly updated her status about how United Airlines upgraded her and how Marriott made her a platinum member blah blah blah. I was so sick of it, that once, I commented, "You're not the only one, you know!" ... Since that day she stopped. I know I let it get to me but it felt so good putting her in her place! Great post Purvi!

  8. Ahh I think we all know a person like this, or people! Just be grateful there's more in your life than in theirs :) x

  9. Great post hun! I love your honesty and I 100% agree with you. I am so glad that you wrote this post, I can't tolerate 'peacocks' myself ;)

  10. Beautiful pics!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!

  11. THey sure are annoying but I ignore them..I agree with you on that they atleast not make somebody feel bad. peacock is so lovely Purvi:)

  12. @Gayatri: Thanks Gayatri.. I generally do not let these people get to me but then sometimes it feels good to shut the "bakwaas" up ;) ;)

    @Celia: I know Celia but sometimes I simply get thinking and hence writing :) :)

    @Sam: Thanks Sam, I am glad you liked the post :)


    @Nayana: I know, others should not suffer at one's whims and fancies of boasting :) I love peacocks, a lot of my art work has peacocks in them :) :)

  13. There are more people like him, then we can think of..showing off materialistic things shows the standing of a person...I also dont like such people but meet many:)

  14. @Renu: I totally agree, its the show of ones character or lack of it

  15. I agree with the posts above, I think unfortunately most of us know someone like this. I can't abide being around people that have to show off - especially irritating when it is wealth and it is not even theirs! (hello Daddy's money...?!)

    On a brighter note, I love peacocks and I liked the picture at the end, I was feeling mad at the end of reading your post too!!


  16. I so agree...material things come and go, but what's inside stays forever:):) That peacock image is gorgeous:)

  17. @Sarah: i agree the one's with Daddy's money are the worst cases :) :)

    @Kala: Totally agree :)

  18. God!!! I hate people like this, people who only update thier FB status if there is something to brag about. I know people who only upload pics if they've been abroad or eating at someplace fancy. You are eating well and living well, good for you, why the need to brag?! Some people I just don't get!

  19. My first time here Purvi - lovely blog! yes these people do annoy me & my philosophy is simple, stay away from them! If they send me a FB request - I ignore. I believe life is too short to surround myself with any negativity/annoying people/annoying feelings :)

  20. No you're not alone on this...I know a lot of people who do it and I hate it.