Monday, May 14, 2012

The Yellow Maxi

Off late I have not been writing much on the blog. Well!!!! I have been so occupied with making all the art work, exhibitions and art classes... Did, I mention that I have started conducting art classes teaching my 3D Wall Art????  yup thats right, I am a teacher now :) :) sounds pretty good to me :)

Anyways, I guess my life will continue to be busy for a while, which I think is a great thing..... however, I will try my best to squeeze in at least 2 posts a week.

Now lets get on to the outfit. This one is again designed by me and stitched at my Mom's Boutique in Ludhiana

The Design Story
Yellow is a perfect spring summer color and a Maxi dress is one of the easiest and breeziest dress form to be worn in hot weather like here in Dubai. 
This maxi dress is paneled from the empire line to give it a nice A-Silhouette. Both the waistline and hem have been embellished with a dark blue colored velvet ribbon. Also I have kept the front and back neckline to be a simple round because I wanted to play with the bow that I made from a yellow lace. I also have added some cream pearls to the bow for the dramatic effect. I had this blue floral pendant lying around with me, which I decided to add to the bow. 
By the way, this bow is detachable, i.e I can pin it on any other outfit as well.
The Fabric: Printed Cotton Fabric
The Silhouette: A-Line Maxi Dress
The Design Elements: A Lace Bow with pearls and embellished flower


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  1. Congrats on your teaching job! I love your maxi dress, such a fun colour!

  2. Hi sweetie, loving the new blog setup, looks great! The colour and print of your dress is beautiful, so lucky that you have all your fab designs brought to life!

  3. Congrats on the job :D You look absolutely gorgeous in these maxi dresses. :) Can we see more of your art work? Am missing them.

  4. Congrats on the job! The best hing abt the dress is the bow!

  5. yellow is my favorite color...
    i stole your idea with but i implement it in different manner a little bit.i will go fr long ,light weight frock in the light yellow color.

    you are looking refreshing in this color.

  6. Love the maxi and love the color...wonder when will I get to wear something like that here.

  7. you know one think i love is that when ever you wear a new dress of make something you go about in it to the beach :)

    and congrats on the job all the best


  8. wowww gr8 clicks kuduous to the camera person and lovely outfit..

  9. Purvi, it was really nice to know that you have become a teacher too:) Remember, I had told you that you have good teaching skills on one of your post telling about how to achieve color combinations:)Lovely outfits and designs!Have a great vacation!

  10. How beautiful this dress is!! I love the first picture and how the wind just fanned it out!
    I like your blog. Want to follow each other? Please check out my new blog and drop me a note. I'll follow right back! Thank you.


  11. wow...what a pretty maxi...looks real good on you !!!!!

  12. That dress is so lovely! it looks great on you! Would love for you to visit my blog sometime!


  13. I love maxis! Good to hear from you! Thanks for your sweet words :)

  14. Love the dress, especially the color! You are rocking it, Purvi :)!

  15. Love the print and the yellow!
    You look lovely! Well, I am on a hunt for a perfect Maxi for myself too!
    Hopefully will find some day!


  16. Loving your bright summery maxi! You rock the look! :)

  17. Gee you look absolutely stunning!


  18. WOW! Love love love the yellow dress and well detailed post!


  19. You look like a princess Purvi. Watch out. I might just steal that dress!