Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blue jeans and White Top

Sometimes I really wonder why people are not able to follow basic etiquettes. It seems some really simple code of conduct eludes them. I am sure they have been taught by their parents all the proper things and I am guessing that they teach the same to their children, but the question is weather you practice what you preach.
I have been taking some classes at home. One particular lady have been coming to learn my "3D Wall Art" Well, I made her sit in the living room and went to another room to fetch some stuff. I got the stuff and the moment I turned around I see this creepy women standing in my face... yup the woman followed me into the room, UNINVITED and to top it all she started looking around especially all my art supplies and started a POLICE INVESTIGATION..... what is this? how does this work? oh this painting is did you do this?  what tool is this? how you use it? oh I liked this technique of yours, can you teach me????    It was an OMG situation, really.....

This woman has been continuously asking me if I can give her my designs. I have made it clear many a times that these are my designs, my hard work, my intellectual property, hence I will not part with them but, nothing is stopping her from trying her luck again and again. 

Anyways, i guess one meets a whole lot of people in this world and one needs to tackle them in various ways.... Part of life it is...right?????

Lets got to the outfit now:
I sometimes like wearing very very basic outfits like this one. A simple white top with a regular jeans. It just gives me a good easy breezy feeling. Though even simpler outfits can be accessorized with the right accessories.
What do you have to say about such outfits????

Top: H&M
Jeans: Levis
Bag: Local Boutique, Mumbai
Footwear: Spice Girls, Bangalore

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Beautiful Leh Journey Part 3

This is the last post in the Leh photo series, See part 1 here and part 2 here
Enjoy :)

Natural Hot Water Springs @ Changthang
Yup!!! I was so so happy
Sheep and Pashmina Goat grazing in the beautiful pastures
Tso Moriri
Lamas dancing at the Hemis Monastery Festival
The Drass Memorial. To have stood at the very place which saw all the action in 1999 was a very humbling experience. The museum here is a must see. Its got very intricate details of the war and various regiments and the stories of their bravery
From the rocky, sandy and snow covered mountains of Leh to these lush green beauties of Sonmarg, the journey was truly memorable
All geared up for River Rafting. We did it twice and luckily their was a very heavy flow of water in the river because of a day full of sunlight and heat which had melted quite a lot of snow... Lucky us :)
@ Nishat Garden in Srinagar
Happy Posing :)

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The Beautiful Leh Journey Part 2

This is part 2 of the photo series for my Leh vacation. See part 1 here

Enjoy the pictures :)

The beautiful Pangong Lake
Picture Perfect
Migratory Birds @ Pangong Lake
Isn't this site gorgeous??
Me and Dear Husband at the Prayer Wheels at Thicksey Monastery in Leh
The smile and poses came back after 4 terrible days of headache. Yup, it took me 4 days to get acclimatized to the Leh climate
Personalized Punching Bags :)
Having fun :)
Beautiful Purple Coloured Mountains on the way to Tso Moriri (Lake Moriri)

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The Beautiful Leh Journey (Part 1)

Many of you have asked me to write about and show the pictures of my Leh trip, so here we go.

It was simply beautiful. Although because of acclimatization issues, I was going bonkers with a headache for the first 4 days, but after that it was simply fun. The varied terrain, the amazing drives, pretty colors, the perfect weather, all made it a memorable vacation

I am posting some of the photos of this vacation. It will be a 3 part series. I hope you enjoy the pictures

Cloud Cover on the way to Khardungla Pass- World's highest Motor-able pass at 18000 feet
Snow covered Khardungla pass
The twisty narrow roads 
Beautiful Green Valleys
Wonderful double rainbows at Nubra valley camp site
Enjoying the little snow flakes during an 8 hour wait for the snow covered roads to be cleared  on the Khardungla pass
The most riskiest mountain climb ever undertaken by us - Snow covered single lane roads further blocked by excessive  snow on the sides 
The equipment on the way to push and save the mini van which was hanging  precariously  onto the mountain slope
The van in question. 
After ages an ages I got to wear so many layers of winter clothing :)
Being a little adventurous in the snow :)

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